Exclusive to PPS


Philippa Turvey

Clinical Psychologist Registrar

We are excited to introduce Philippa to our team at PPS.  Philippa is an exceptional Clinician working with a range of clients for therapy and assessment in our Mt Hawthorn and Falcon rooms.

Philippa is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She is skilled at working with both adults and children in individual and group settings. Philippa is able to perform complex cognitive assessments, and has undertaken specialist training for complex Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments. She is particularly interested in a range of areas such as anxiety, depression, the management of challenging behaviours, sleep, neurodevelopmental disorders, and chronic pain. She has worked in clinical, educational, and hospital settings, and has experience working with mood, personality, sleep disorders, and developmental disorders. Philippa’s therapeutic approach primarily utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to formulate adaptive strategies that assist in improving functioning and well-being.

If you would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact our reception staff on 08 9443 3709